Angel Dialer Pro p1.0.6a


Angel Dialer - Because smartphone is still a phone

Angel Dialer is a quick T9 phone dialer. The most frequently called friends are just one tap away.

This is the paid ad-free version of Angel Dialer. At this moment, no functional difference between Pro version and free version besides showing advertisement.
More Pro-only features will be provided in the future.

Further support questions can be sent to or twitter @angeldialer


- T9 keypad quick search
- Blazingly fast contact searching
- Minimal taps to dial
- Minimalist screen layout, maximize space for data
- Multitouch keypad for faster input of numbers

- Search contacts by whole word or first character of words
- Search contacts with Latin, Cyrillic, Greek or Hebrew alphabets, and Chinese phonetic (Hanzi Pinyin, MPS or Cantonese)
- Both contact name and phone number are searched
- Wild card search phone number and contact name (e.g Enter "123*4" match phone number "12399444")
- Filter contact list or search result by contact groups. (Please press "Menu" button)
- Search mode for entering keyword directly.
- Landscape mode
- Open Voice mailbox

- Show all phone numbers and emails of contact in one place (click the thumbnail)
- Display custom phone and email type of Google contacts
- Long click contacts to show contextual options.
- Create contact shortcut at launchers
- Share contacts as text or vCard.
- Portrait and Landscape mode, suitable for devices with hardware keyboard
- Launching voice mail

- UI in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Greek, Spainish, Hebrew
- Support adding pause code to phone numbers
- Two color schemes

Due to restriction of Android 2.3, this app cannot clear the missed call notification at the top of screen.

The Internet pemission is only for retrieving advertisement. No personal and contact information will be sent over the Internet.

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